Social Innovation Podcast

Non-profits running businesses and hybrid organisations

Episode Summary

CEO Johan Oljeqvist tells us about the secret sauce that made Fryshuset one of the most successful non-profit organizations in Sweden and how they mastered hybrid organisation, how to be a non-profit and a business at the same time.

Episode Notes

Johan Oljeqvist is the CEO of Fryshuset, one of Sweden's most successfulnon-profit organizations. They have mastered the art of hybrid organization and governance, simoultaneously being a member based non-profit, a foundation, a profitable business and a lobby organization.

Johan makes the case for how to build and grow from your values as an organisation and what it takes to live your values when they come into conflict with society and stakeholders.

His advice is to get to know the target group you want to serve and any other clients you work with, get to know them deeply and make sure you have people people who have the ability do develop relationships and gain trust.

Being a hybrid organisation, part nonprofit, part business, part partner to public sector can be confusing for the rest of society and requires a lot ot work but also allows for collaborating in different ways, building diverse income streams and becoming less dependent on individual clients or stakeholders support. This is key to be able to take risks and survive speaking truth to power and stakeholders - instead of becoming risk averse and choosing not to do your best to serve your target group.